Wednesday, 25 July 2012

[TechRepublic]Tablets: Why the middle-aged are their biggest fans

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TechRepublic Member | July 25, 2012

Tablets: Why the middle-aged are their biggest fans

The older generation, those aged 45 plus, are leading the shift towards tablet computing and away from PCs, and not - contrary to received wisdom - millennials, according to research. Read more

Chrome Web Lab: Robot artists, internet orchestras and teleporters

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Live webcast: Steps to Move into a Virtualized Environment

Learn about the many aspects of your IT operation that can benefit from virtualization; Discover virtualization technologies and how to decide what's best for each situation; Explore a plan for implementation to get you started fast!

Space holidays: How tourism is saving manned space flight

Get ready for the ultimate package tour: Nick Heath talks to the companies developing the spaceplanes that could soon be taking you into orbit - if you can afford the ticket. Read more

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BYOD: Tech chiefs still split on the benefits, concerned about security

CIO Jury: While bring your own device might be an idea that appeals to staff, CIOs are not so sure, as concerns about data security remain. Read more

The great milk shake-up: Farm robots that toil till the cows come home

As an IT pro, sometimes it's fascinating to see the application of technology in industries that are so different to one's own. Read more

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Eyes in the skies: Drones of today and tomorrow

Unmanned aircraft were out in force at this year's Farnborough International Airshow. TechRepublic went along to check out drones old and new. View on site

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Maximizing the Benefits of Virtualization and Consolidation in Midsized Firms with Network Storage (NetApp)

Smarter Planet Leadership Series: Air Canada (IBM)

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It is time we stop beating around the bush: Will Microsoft Windows 8 be deployed in your enterprise?

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