Tuesday, 31 July 2012

[TechRepublic] Pre-made or roll your own libraries? Take our poll

Software Engineer

TechRepublic Member | July 31, 2012

Poll: Do you prefer pre-made or roll your own libraries?

Developer Justin James uses pre-made libraries when possible to save time and effort. Do you prefer pre-made or roll your own libraries, or perhaps a little of both? Read more

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Solutions for Today's Smart Business

To learn more about the latest in business tools, check out this white paper. You'll hear how IBM is changing the way people do business with the help of the latest in software and analytics. Keep reading to discover more.

Getting data from Agile Platform's Web Blocks to their owners

OutSystems Agile Platform's Web Blocks are great tools for encapsulating functionality. Here's a trick for getting information out of Web Blocks. Read more

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Visual Studio compiler options, Part 2: Option Strict

Compiler options are project-level settings that determine how the compiler behaves when it compiles your code. In this post, Daryl Lucas discusses Option Strict. Read more

How DevOps supports the paradigm shift of the cloud

Guest Contributor Brian Jawalka makes the case for DevOps, an approach that teams developers and operations experts in IT to realize the full benefits of the cloud. Read more

How to use the RGBa color model

Ryan Boudreaux illustrates the RGBa color model and shares the fallback for the IE browser. Read more

ARC simplifies iOS memory management

In iOS, one of the biggest recent additions for developers is automatic reference counting. Justin James explains why. Read more

Windows Phone 7: using ListBoxes with Style

Adding a button to the end of a ListBox in Windows Phone 7 is a little more complicated than expected. Read more

Android Jelly Bean makes notifications even fancier

Learn how to use Android Jelly Bean's notification builder class to create impressive notifications that support intents, images, and previews. Read more

Harness Big Data with Google BigQuery

Need processing power for your big data? Google's service called BigQuery allows you to run SQL-like queries against large datasets on a subscription basis. Read more

What UK consultants need to know about IR35

Under UK law IR35, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs may examine the contract between contractor and client to determine if its terms could describe an employment relationship. Read more

Eight ways geeks would improve the Summer Olympic games

The events of the Summer Olympics aren't quite as interesting as the movies, games, and comics geeks are used to enjoying. Don't worry, we can fix that. Read more

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Inside Google offices

Google really knows how to offer its employees creature comforts. Take a look at some of the office interiors. View on site

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Survival guide for testing modern applications (Hewlett-Packard (HP))

Five mobile application challenges for IT (Hewlett-Packard (HP))

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