Friday, 27 July 2012

London calling: More people at Olympics, more stupidity


TechRepublic Member | July 27, 2012

London calling: More people at Olympics, more stupidity

According to security experts at Venafi, an estimated 67,000 phones will be either lost or stolen at the London Olympics. Read more

Resource of the day

Moving Your Fax Server to the Cloud - Should Your Company Move Its Fax Server to the Cloud?

The cost for in-house fax servers seems to be going nowhere but up. IT managers looking for saving money are starting to look closely at cloud-based faxing solutions as an effective tool for the unpredictability of changing infrastructure costs.

Posts from TechRepublic


RIM patent: Smartphone camera to capture thermal images

RIM submitted a patent application that deals with thermographic augmented reality display in an electronic device. According to Gina Smith, this is one patent to watch. Read more

Apple's iOS App Store has more Windows malware

An old Windows worm is embedded in an iOS App, but the question remains, how did it get there? Read more

BYOD: Tech chiefs still split on the benefits, concerned about security

CIO Jury: While bring your own device might be an idea that appeals to staff, CIOs are not so sure, as concerns about data security remain. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


Google launches searching by ink ahead of Windows 8

The Handwrite setting on iOS and Android devices allows input for Google search terms by writing anywhere on the phone/tablet screen. Google has entered the input by handwriting arena, albeit in a limited fashion, ahead of the release of Windows 8 with its similar function. Read more

CoPilot Live iOS and Android apps updated to help navigate London 2012 Olympics

Updated versions of CoPilot Live will help you navigate around the Olympic Route Network and get you to your desired Olympics sport venue. Read more

Use the HTC Media Link HD to share media from the Nokia 808 PureView and GSIII

Not everyone has a DLNA-enabled TV and I discovered via trial-and-error that the HTC Media Link HD works well with the Nokia 808 PureView and Samsung Galaxy S III. Read more

Nokia Drive being offered to all Windows Phone 8 partners, new commute feature revealed

Nokia Drive, the GPS voice-guided navigation part of Nokia Maps, has been one feature that has distinguished the Lumia line from other Windows Phone devices. Nokia just updated Nokia Drive with new commute features that we will eventually see on all Windows Phones. Read more

Facebook, HTC developing smartphone for 2013 launch: report

As Facebook users switch from the desktop to mobile platforms, the company is struggling to sustain ad revenue. Read more

Motorola Android devices banned in Germany in Microsoft FAT spat

German's must be getting pretty annoyed with the constant barrage of technology injunctions. This time around -- and it's hard to keep up -- it's Motorola's Android devices that are subject to a sales ban. Read more

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Five outstanding open source RSS readers

Stay up to date on the news you want to follow with the help of these open source RSS readers. View on site

Slideshow: Install Windows Media Center to Windows 8

Windows Media Center will only be available as an Add-on for Windows 8. Greg Shultz shows how to download and install it. View on site

Cracking Open the $7000 HP Z1 Workstation

Bill Detwiler cracks open a $7,000 HP Z1 all-in-one workstation and discovers a machines that's easy to service, packed with high-end hardware, and engineered to be cool and quiet. View on site

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On-demand Webcast: What is Virtualization Technology and Why You Should Care? (VMware)

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