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[TechRepublic] Everyone vs. Apple

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Editor's note
Hello again, everyone. I think it's fair to say that today is Apple day. The company's Mountain Lion update to OS X has arrived, and the Cupertino giant remains in court today, continuing its Australian face-off against Samsung. If Apple isn't your thing, make sure you check out these stories: Barry Saunders delving into why maintaining UX libraries can be a waste of time, and Brien Posey re-examining his Windows 8 predictions from January last year, with disturbing results. It's nice when a writer returns to their former prediction articles to see how they matched up. This is one reason why you'll never find me providing a simple list of predictions; the future in the tech world is never what you'd expect. Have a great week all! --Chris

Everyone vs. Apple update

OS X Mountain Lion will appear tomorrow, and we've got the latest from the global battle royale that is Apple versus Samsung. Read more

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A Quantum Leap in Real-Time Analytics: Prepare Yourself

Prepare yourself. Get ready for the next era in analytics with this informative white paper. Learn how analytics and BI are changing, and how they'll change you.

AtG: HTML divided again, Pwn2Own targets mobiles

The HTML world is again divided between W3C and WHATWG camps, and which mobile OS will be the first to fall at Mobile Pwn2Own? Read more

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Breaking out of design patterns

Barry Saunders explains how shared trust and responsibility is more efficient than falling back on documentation for job security. Read more

10 predictions for Windows 8, revisited

Before the details emerged on what to expect from Windows 8, Brien Posey went out on a limb with his predictions. Here's a look at how he did. (Hint: Not so good.) Read more

Why the IT department needs more women

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Technology and the lost art of reading comprehension

Technology has indeed become miraculous and immediately available. Maybe that's why so many of us are losing some important skills--like reading comprehension. Read more

Apple's iOS App Store has more Windows malware

An old Windows worm is embedded in an iOS App, but the question remains, how did it get there? Read more

Ubuntu Unity now on Fedora: Another win for freedom

Ubuntu Unity being made available to Fedora means more than meets the eye, says Jack Wallen. See why the addition of Canonical's flagship desktop is a huge win for freedom in the land of open source. Read more

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Slideshow: Install Windows Media Center to Windows 8

Windows Media Center will only be available as an Add-on for Windows 8. Greg Shultz shows how to download and install it. View on site

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