Thursday, 26 July 2012

[TechRepublic] Five ways to grant fast access to Google Apps in Windows

Google in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | July 26, 2012

Die-hard Outlook fans can have the best of both worlds with Google Apps Sync

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook allows users to stay in their comfort zone while still using Google Apps for Business. Read more

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Five ways to grant fast access to Google Apps in Windows

Make access easy with these five ways for Windows users to get to Google Apps quickly. Read more

Four must have tools for Google Apps SMB users

The Google Apps Marketplace offers a wide array of tools that can help with every aspect of your business. David Politis lists four must have tools. Read more

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What good are tablets in the enterprise?

Donovan Colbert thinks that things are still sorting themselves out for tablets in the enterprise, but an argument could be made against tighter control by Google. Do you agree? Read more

Technology and the lost art of reading comprehension

Technology has indeed become miraculous and immediately available. Maybe that's why so many of us are losing some important skills--like reading comprehension. Read more

Manage the Google Play Store on your new Android mobile

Jack Wallen looks at some of the differences in the Google Play Store on newer Android phones that come with Ice Cream Sandwich preinstalled. Read more

Delight Android users with your app's design

When you're designing an Android app, Tim Mackenzie warns against just grabbing the iOS design and making a few tweaks. Read more

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Slideshow: Install Windows Media Center to Windows 8

Windows Media Center will only be available as an Add-on for Windows 8. Greg Shultz shows how to download and install it. View on site

7 Time Saving File Management Tips

Chances are good that you spend a lot of time in Windows performing file management operations. In this tip gallery, I’ll show you 7 file management tips that can save you time. View on site

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9 reasons why smart businesses upgrade to Google Apps for Business

Be honest, do you really trust Google?

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Is Big Data big hype?

Patrick Gray talks about what to keep in mind when you're talking about Big Data.

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