Wednesday, 25 July 2012

[TechRepublic] Fixing DNS and authentication problems when using a VPN

SMB Tech

TechRepublic Member | July 25, 2012

Fixing DNS and authentication problems when using a VPN

When you use a VPN to access a remote network you might need some configuration changes on the client PC to ensure you can access resources on both networks. Read more

Resource of the day

Visual Studio compiler options, Part 2: Option Strict

Compiler options are project-level settings that determine how the compiler behaves when it compiles your code. In this post, Daryl Lucas discusses Option Strict. Read more

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Create a portable version of Clonezilla live with Tuxboot

If you want a USB version of Clonezilla, Jack Wallen suggests using a UNetbootin spin-off called Tuxboot. Read more

Reset Windows passwords with the help of Linux

One cost-effective and reliable way to reset a Windows password is to keep a copy of Linux with you and use the chntpw application. Read more

Create interactive PDF documents with Scribus

Learn how to use the Scribus open source page layout application to create PDF documents, and then how to add interactive elements to those PDFs. Read more

Everyone vs. Apple update

OS X Mountain Lion will appear tomorrow, and we've got the latest from the global battle royale that is Apple versus Samsung. Read more

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7 Time Saving File Management Tips

Chances are good that you spend a lot of time in Windows performing file management operations. In this tip gallery, I’ll show you 7 file management tips that can save you time. View on site

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How to keep your website up to date on a small budget

A simple framework for SMB IT risk management

Anti-virus to web filtering: A glance into a small company's IT system toolbox

Cloud computing tools for small businesses

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