Tuesday, 23 August 2011

[TechRepublic] Legal liabilities you should consider

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Web Developer

TechRepublic Member | August 23, 2011

Legal liabilities that programmers need to consider

In our current business environment, lawsuits are all too common. Be aware of four areas that could pose litigation risks for programmers. Read more

Resource of the day

Protecting Users From Firesheep and other Sidejacking Attacks with SSL

If your website isn't as secure as it should be it makes your visitors vulnerable. Prevent disasters like this by ensuring the security of your site. With TLS and SSL protection, you'll be safe and protected. Learn more in this white paper.

Poll: What is the future of desktop app development?

Do you think desktop application development will remain in high demand, will be phased out, or will go away? Share your prediction by taking this quick poll. Read more

Modularization through functional programming

Functional programming, which is often viewed as academic, has gone mainstream. Tony Patton examines functional programming's key features to give you an idea of what it has to offer. Read more

Generating unique strings in Agile Platform

The OutSystems Agile Platform makes it a snap to create random strings. Justin James describes using the platform to create strings for a password reset system. Read more

Additional TechRepublic resources


HTML5: Drawing images and adding text to the canvas element

Ryan Boudreaux shows more examples of working with the canvas element in HTML5, this time drawing images and adding text with the various functions available. Read more

IrfanView: A robust (and free) image editor for your toolkit

Ryan Boudreaux reviews the installation and features of the free image editing tool, IrfanView, which can be a nice addition to the web master's toolkit. Read more

Five tips for unlocking your Windows Phone 7 device

Whether you want to test your own apps, install homebrew apps, or get a look at Mango, there are potential benefits to unlocking your WP7 device. Read more

Take advantage of Android's time-saving toggle button

Are you aware that Android has a built-in toggle button? If not, developer William Francis can relate. Now that he knows about this gem, he's offering a three-step tutorial on how to use it. Read more

Turning The Smurfs into gold without using magic

The Smurfs franchise has been retooled into a cross-media marketing masterpiece that Steve Dryall says represents the future of app marketing. Read more

Featured multimedia


NASA's aircraft of the future (images)

NASA is attempting to fill the skies with quieter, faster, more fuel efficient, and carbonless aircraft. View on site

Costumes at Chicago Comic Con Wizard World 2011

Chicago Comic Con Wizard World was held on August 11-14, 2011. Take a look at some of the costumes and cosplay at this year's event. View on site

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Protect Your E-mail (IBM)

Modular Data Centers: Old Dogs With New Tricks (IBM)

Choosing a Cloud Hosting Provider with Confidence (VeriSign)

Security and Trust: The Backbone of Doing Business Over the Internet (VeriSign)

Why Customers Love VIPRE Business (GFI Software)

Perennial favorites


Social coding -- the next wave in development

Why programmers should study the art of programming

Form a learning plan for an HTML5 future

GE thumbs its nose at outsourcing, builds world-class data center

While most companies are rushing to outsource as much of their IT as possible, GE just made a huge investment in its IT operations with one of the world's state-of-the-art data centers.

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