Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Excel fill handle secrets, fitting in when you start a new job, the right way to do layoffs

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Five Tips

TechRepublic Member | August 16, 2011

Five tips for working efficiently with Excel's fill handle

The fill handle is a remarkably useful Excel tool -- and it has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. Here are some techniques everyone should know about (but not everyone does). Read more

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Five tips for fitting in when you start a new job

When you begin a new job, it's easy to get a little carried away trying to impress your boss and coworkers. Here's some practical advice for getting off to the right start. Read more

Five tips for conducting more humane layoffs

If you have to do a layoff, HR may tell you to get it over with quickly. But Margaret Heffernan has a different suggestion: Ignore HR tactics and go with your better instincts. Read more

Five tips for printer sharing in Linux

Admins often shy away from sharing a printer from Linux. But as Jack Wallen explains, following a few simple steps can go a long way toward simplifying setup and sidestepping problems. Read more

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15 ways to select text in a Word document

There are many ways to select Word text - 15 at least! Susan Harkins shares her favorite selection methods. Read more

Six guidelines for resolving intergenerational conflict at work

For the first time in history, there are five generations working side by side. Here are some guidelines for resolving intergenerational conflict. Read more

Two quick tips for managing your overflowing Gmail inbox

Managing an overflowing inbox is not just a Gmail problem, but Google Apps does offer a few ways to get your incoming email under control. Read more

10 things you can do to improve your Web site right now

Even if you don't have the time or resources for a full-blown site redesign, you can make some small, easily implemented tweaks that will have a huge impact. Read more

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Comic book characters then and now (images)

Comic book characters like to evolve their styles too, you know. Take a look at how much some characters have changed since their original comic book introductions. View on site

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High quality coffee beans could possibly save a rocky client relationship. Chip Camden explains how in his post about goodwill, respect, and kindness.

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