Thursday, 4 August 2011

[TechRepublic] Double your smartphone battery life with SleepWell

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TechRepublic Member | August 04, 2011

SleepWell: Double your battery life when using Wi-Fi

Trying to get portable devices -- smartphones in particular -- to last through the day is a giga-pain when using Wi-Fi. SleepWell may offer the perfect solution. Read more

Resource of the day

Five tips for the best Android experience

Android supports all sorts of mobile platform tweakage. Here are five great ideas for capitalizing on Android's flexibility. Read more

Utopian convergence of PC and mobile: How far away is it?

Connected professionals are carrying too many devices. But, make no mistake, convergence is coming and it will have seismic effects for both users and the tech industry. Read more

Is speech input/output on smartphones ready for prime time?

According to Deb Shinder, voice integration on smartphones is increasingly becoming more advanced, and speech is well on its way to becoming the primary input/output method. Do you think it's ready for prime time? Read more

HTC Status: A mobile for Facebook junkies

Jack Wallen reviews the HTC Status, which is an Android-based smartphone for Facebook junkies. Find out if he thinks other folks will like this device. Read more

A cross-platform loading screen for mobile Java-enabled devices

Developer Heshan Perera describes how to use the Lightweight User Interface Toolkit for Java ME to create a simple dialog object that serves as a loading screen. Read more

Create and manipulate Android tables on the fly

William Francis walks Android developers through a tutorial on how to create a simple program that demonstrates dynamic table creation. Read more

10 small but brilliant things about Google Plus

Google+ includes several attention-grabbing items -- like Circles, Google Takeout, and Sparks -- but there are some great subtle features you should know about as well. Read more

A study shows that almost 20% of companies use Google Apps

Almost 1 out of 5 companies have deployed Google Apps in some form according to a study conducted by White Stratus. Susan Cline explores the study for additional insights. Read more

Gmail with Google Voice is like a cheaper Skype with multiple calls

Kevin Purdy shows you how you can make and receive multiple calls using Google Voice features in your Gmail account. You can even put calls on hold if you want. Read more

Featured multimedia


5 Android apps for mobile apartment searching (screenshots)

Say goodbye to the days of scouring through newspaper classifieds or even being tethered to your computer when seeking a new place to rent. These five Android apps allow you to view everything about nearby rentals while you're mobile. View on site

Sprint's Motorola Photon 4G unboxed

Motorola is gearing up for a big second half of 2011, and the first entry aiming to stun consumers is the Photon 4G with Sprint. Check out the new device being unboxed. View on site

Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

The journey from iPad to Android and back again left wonderful apps in its wake. Here are ten of my favorites. View on site

Focus on Chromebooks

Your questions answered: What Chromebooks can and can't do

While IT pros scoff, Google Chromebooks will likely seduce businesses

Three things Chromebooks need to fix to win buyers

Samsung and Acer Chromebooks: More netbook than notebook

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Protecting Your E-mail (GFI Software)

The New and Improved Windows 7 (BeyondTrust)

Technology Report: Energy-Efficient Cooling for Data Centers (American Power Conversion (APC))

Keep Your SOA On Track (IBM)

Strategy Guide To Converged Infrastructure In The Branch Office (Hewlett-Packard (HP))

Perennial favorites


Lesser-known Android tips and tricks

Smartphones with the lowest and the highest radiation levels

Ways to improve your mobile computing experience

Black Hat 2011 update: Keynote address complete with sirens

Deb Shinder kicks off the news from Black Hat 2011 with a report from the keynote address and a mysterious series of alarms at the conference center.

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