Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The best Android experience, stress-reducing tips for support techs, making Outlook tasks genuinely useful

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Five Tips

TechRepublic Member | August 02, 2011

Five tips for the best Android experience

Android supports all sorts of mobile platform tweakage. Here are five great ideas for capitalizing on Android's flexibility. Read more

Resource of the day

Help Diverse Platforms Play Well Together

Allow your diverse platforms to play well together--all you need is a solid Active Directory (AD) bridge. But how do you choose the right one? Learn what questions to ask when choosing the right AD bridge solution.

Hottest new tips


Five tips for reducing the stress of user support calls

Spend enough time on the helpdesk, and your nerves are likely to get a bit frayed. These survival tips can help make the job less stressful. Read more

Five tips for organizing your Outlook 2010 tasks

Outlook tasks can help you organize and track various projects and commitments even if you're hopelessly disorganized or insanely busy. Read more

Five tips for connecting with Microsoft Lync 2010

Lync 2010, now available in Office 365, is designed to consolidate and simplify business communications and collaboration via IM, email, virtual meetings, and phone/video calling. Read more

Additional TechRepublic resources


Make Gmail act like Outlook with these two quick tips

Bill Detwiler shows you how to make Gmail work like Outlook by turning off conversation view and sorting mail with filters and labels. Read more

10 ways to safeguard your college-bound student's computer

You protect your corporate systems, but what about that back-to-school laptop you just bought your kid? Here are some things you can do to keep your student safe from cyber dangers. Read more

A cheatsheet of Excel shortcuts that make inserting data faster

These handy shortcuts let you enter data, create names, and complete functions easily and efficiently. Read more

10 small but brilliant things about Google Plus

Google+ includes several attention-grabbing items -- like Circles, Google Takeout, and Sparks -- but there are some great subtle features you should know about as well. Read more

Three things Chromebooks need to fix to win buyers

Google's Chromebooks showed some early sales momentum among consumers, but to capture business users and consumers in the long term, three things will have to be fixed. Read more

The top 10 lightsaber battles that didn't happen in Star Wars movies

Jay Garmon lists his 10 favorite remixes of classic movie swordfights as lightsaber duels. Let us know if you find a better example of a lightsaber battle. Read more

10-step checklist for tuning up your virtual environment

There's no getting around it: Sometimes you need to perform a few maintenance tasks to ensure that your virtual environment is in top shape. This list will help you cover the bases. Read more

Featured multimedia


'Talk to Me': In conversation with objects (photos)

Muttering hats, talking trees, and robots that rely on strangers to get where they're going. An eclectic new MoMA exhibit in New York provokes viewers to ponder the ways we communicate with objects. View on site

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Protecting your Business Where it Counts (GFI Software)

Is speech input/output on smartphones ready for prime time?

According to Deb Shinder, voice integration on smartphones is increasingly becoming more advanced, and speech is well on its way to becoming the primary input/output method. Do you think it's ready for prime time?

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10 Things

Focus on Chromebooks

Your questions answered: What Chromebooks can and can't do

While IT pros scoff, Google Chromebooks will likely seduce businesses

Three things Chromebooks need to fix to win buyers

Samsung and Acer Chromebooks: More netbook than notebook

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