Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The best (and fastest) Word formatting tricks, power tweaks for Google News, unlocking your Windows phone

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Five Tips

TechRepublic Member | August 23, 2011

Five tips for lightning-fast formatting in Word

No matter what kind of document you're working on, it will probably need some formatting. These shortcuts will help you zip through those tasks so you can concentrate on the content. Read more

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Five tips for making Google News deliver exactly what you want

Google's Web services are continually evolving, and News is no exception. Check out some recent innovations that will let you tweak Google News to fit your specific needs. Read more

Five tips for unlocking your Windows Phone 7 device

Whether you want to test your own apps, install homebrew apps, or get a look at Mango, there are potential benefits to unlocking your WP7 device. Read more

Five tips for building a truly useful intranet

Corporate intranets offer an effective way to promote communication and collaboration within an organization -- but only if they're designed and maintained with users' needs in mind. Read more

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Three tips for working with bullets in PowerPoint

If you think you don't have the skills to create a bullet-less PowerPoint presentation, take a look at these three easy tips. Read more

Bad managers: What your company should do

Regardless of the economic ups and downs, employers must be sure they're holding on to the right talent. Here's what companies should do if managers aren't up to par. Read more

Two Google Plus feature improvements for managing streams

Google has released two features (August 2011) that will make managing and reading your Google Plus stream more enjoyable. Read more

10 things you shouldn't believe about freelancing

If you're thinking about going freelance, be forewarned: Much of what you hear -- about the freedom, the money, the work itself -- is just plain wrong. Read more

The 10 worst ways to communicate with end users

To be a successful support tech, you have to be a skilled communicator. See if you recognize any of these common communication missteps. Read more

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10 pieces of freeware to run your office (screenshots)

Running your business on a tight budget? Here are 10 free software programs that will help you get the most productivity out of your office - and you can use them at home. View on site

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The Right Partner Makes All the Difference (IBM)

Corporate Web Security: Market Quadrant 2011 (Blue Coat Systems)

Best Practices and Applications of TLS/SSL (VeriSign)

GE thumbs its nose at outsourcing, builds world-class data center

While most companies are rushing to outsource as much of their IT as possible, GE just made a huge investment in its IT operations with one of the world's state-of-the-art data centers.

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