Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Avoiding nightmare clients, sharing mobile device data, optimizing your Windows system

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Five Tips

TechRepublic Member | August 30, 2011

Five tips for weeding out potentially bad clients

Unless you want to get stuck in a relationship with a nightmare client, it's a good idea to do some sleuthing up front. Read more

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Why Renew?

Watch this video to find out why renewing software subscription and support is the best way to protect your software investment and make a real difference to your bottom line.

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Five tips for sharing data from your mobile device

When your users need help moving data from a phone or tablet to a PC, one of these approaches should do the trick. Read more

Five tips for maintaining a healthy Windows system

A little preventive maintenance can go a long way toward keeping a machine optimized and problem-free. Here are some basic but vital steps to follow. Read more

Five tips for working with Office 2010 file properties and tags

Keep your Office files organized and easy to find by putting properties and tags to work. Here are some simple ways to take advantage of these features. Read more

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But that's not in my job description

What do you do when you're being asked to do more than you signed on for? Read more

10 wacky IT office pranks

An office without practical jokes would be a mighty dull place to work. Luckily, legions of IT pranksters have kept things lively over the years. Read more

Steve Jobs: 10 historic achievements

Steve Jobs' resignation as Apple CEO inspired this retrospective of his most significant and innovative contributions. Read more

The five worst Star Trek episodes of all time

More than a few of Kirk's and Spock's original voyages were (ahem) less than stellar. We rounded up the bottom five for your reading... pleasure? Read more

Five of my favorite Excel worksheet tips

If you're not using these worksheet-related tricks, you're working harder than you have to! Susan Harkins shares five of her favorites. Read more

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Five new Facebook privacy tweaks

Facebook just launched a new privacy center that offers even more privacy options, and reintroduces some of the older, lesser-known settings. Find out what they are and how to adjust them. View on site

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Manage your inbox with free tools to snooze your Gmail

What certain emails need is a snooze function that works like your alarm clock, just with a bigger time frame and wider eyes. Kevin Purdy introduces you to the tools you need to make it work.

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Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO, Tim Cook takes the reins

Five ways Apple will never be the same without Jobs as CEO

Steve Jobs: 10 historic achievements

The Steve Jobs era is over: Reaction and a poll

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Steve Jobs retrospective (video)

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