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Top 10 Tablets in the Enterprise posts in 2012

Tablets in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | December 20, 2012

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Top 10 Tablets in the Enterprise posts in 2012

Here are the 10 most-read posts for TechRepublic's Tablets in the Enterprise blog in 2012. Read more

Resource of the day

Running your HP BladeSystem environment at top efficiency: 10 best practices

Installing firmware and software updates is essential to the health of today's highly consolidated, virtualized and converged IT environments. With multiple, inter-related components integrated in blade enclosures, the update process is critical.

Posts from TechRepublic


The convergence of mobile and Big Data

Mobile BI apps are a necessary part of any Big Data strategy. Will Kelly looks at some mobile BI apps from Pentaho, SAS, and SAP. Read more

The benefits of Bring Your Own Tablet initiatives

Find out why Patrick Gray believes that BYOT initiatives add some complexity to the IT environment, but you can frequently gain much more than you give up. Read more

Content with BYOD: Mobilizing the next wave of productivity

Big Content collaboration through enterprise-grade, consumer-friendly mobile applications will boost market insights, process improvement and business optimization beyond BYOD gains. Read more

What applications are available on Windows RT?

Tony McSherry looks at the desktop applications available on the Windows RT Surface tablet. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


Good apps for two hot tablets: Nexus 7 and iPad mini

The holiday shopping season will likely prove that the two hottest tablets are the Nexus 7 and the iPad mini. These apps are must-haves for each of them. Read more

iPad mini: Bringing the elderly into the digital age

The elderly often find technology to be physically challenging to embrace. The iPad mini is changing that due to its small size that is light enough to be easy to handle. Read more

Windows 8 'Clover Trail' tablets delayed until 2013

A driver fumble means that Santa won't be leaving many Windows 8 "Atom" tablets under the tree over the holidays. Read more

Does Nokia have a Windows RT tablet in the pipeline?

Rumors suggest the phone maker does have a Windows RT tablet in the pipeline. Is this a desperate grab by Nokia for a market that it hopes might offer salvation, or is there a plan to make this work? Read more

Microsoft Surface tablet pulling in PC-level license fees in a post-PC world

Microsoft has priced its Surface tablet is such a way that it can pull in PC revenues in a post-PC world -- but only by cutting out the hardware partners and selling the tablet itself. Read more

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Five App Store apps that make great gifts

These five apps on the Apple App Store make great gifts - or purchases with your gift cards. View on site

Access the Apps screen with a self-made Start button

View on site

Today's recommended downloads

Compress Your Data, Expand your Business (Oracle)

Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle WebCenter Portal (Oracle)

How Webroot SecureAnywhere Business-Endpoint Protection and Windows 8 Change Everything (Webroot Software)

A Relationship Made In Technology Heaven (Oracle)

MicroSeismic Case Study (Hewlett-Packard (HP)® & Intel® Xeon® Processors)


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The 12 networking truths applied to information security

Alfonso Barreiro relates the 12 networking truths to the information security field.

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