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Inventor of the web rounds out LCA schedule

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TechRepublic Member | December 19, 2012

Editor's note
Welcome to the final Wrapper for 2012. There was quite a lot of Microsoft coverage this year, but it was a year when Microsoft launched Windows 8, took to the Surface, and gave its corporate look a makeover. And there was also all that time that the company attempted to sell developers and designers on the new "Metro" look of Windows, and then told everyone that the name was wrong. In keeping with this theme, Tony McSherry closed out the year by looking at what applications are available for Windows RT. But if Windows isn't your thing, in January next year, will be held in Canberra. Keynoting the conference will be Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who will be delivering his only technical talk of his trip to Australia at the conference. Thanks for reading the Wrapper in 2012, and I hope you'll join us again in 2013. Have a great break, everyone! --Chris

Inventor of the web rounds out LCA schedule

Sir Tim Berners-Lee will keynote the 2013 edition of Read more

Resource of the day

Comparing Availability of Various Rack Power Redundancy Configurations

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What applications are available on Windows RT?

Tony McSherry looks at the desktop applications available on the Windows RT Surface tablet. Read more

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Shutdown Windows 8 right from the desktop

Greg Shultz has found a technique that will allow you to recreate a reasonable facsimile of the Shutdown pop-up menu on Windows 8's desktop. View on site

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The 12 networking truths applied to information security

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