Thursday, 20 December 2012

The true story behind Windows 8; 'Clover Trail' Win8 tablets delayed; Oracle aids Raspberry Pi; Coming: Invisible knife that cuts with sound

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TechRepublic Member | December 20, 2012

Get the true story behind Windows 8

Greg Shultz wants you to read and watch what he believes is one of the best explanations of how the Windows 8 operating system was developed. Read more

Resource of the day

Is It Getting Hot in Here? Different Ways to Cool Your Data Center

Take a look at this white paper to learn more about the different strategies for cooling your data center. Keep reading to discover more about server cooling.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II S Pen tips and tricks

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Windows 8 'Clover Trail' tablets delayed until 2013

Oracle releases preview of Raspberry Pi-compatible Java SE8 for ARM

Samsung aims to fix severe Android device vulnerability

EU ready to charge Samsung in antitrust case: report

Web designer sentenced after building torrent website

Christmas comes early for Galaxy SIII: Samsung rolls out Premium Pack update to UK

The dark nature of Google's business ... and self-driving cars

Can 'the birthplace of startups' find its footing?

ODCA wants to simplify Big Data

Red Hat's Q3 earnings: beats estimates, acquires ManageIQ

RIM's Q3 revenue fared well enough; CIO announces departure

Evernote Food 2.0 for iPad enhances your holiday cooking experience

Coming soon: 'Invisible knife' that lets doctors cut with sound

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Samsung takes step forward in $3.9B chip effort in Texas

Google planning cheaper Nexus 7, report claims

The future of Facebook

Facebook tests $1 fee for inbox access

Tumblr rolls out its iPad app

Flipboard lands on Android tablets

Path shows Facebook how to do social search right

Google Play surges, but Apple's App Store is still No. 1

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Edison Group Paper: IBM PowerVM Virtualization Technology on IBM POWER7 Systems (IBM)

Esri Maps Out Large-Scale Growth with SAP and IBM (IBM)

Virtualization and business continuity (Hewlett-Packard (HP)® & Intel® Xeon® Processors)

Discover insights and predict outcomes quickly with integrated analytics, BI & data warehousing (IBM)

Improved Cooling Strategies for IT Wiring Closets (APC by Schneider Electric)


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The 12 networking truths applied to information security

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