Thursday, 20 December 2012

[TechRepublic] Email: Middle aged and still going strong

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Email: Middle aged and still going strong

Email celebrated its 41st birthday recently, yet despite its age new research shows that its use is unlikely to significantly wane for at least the next decade. Read more

Resource of the day

Stretch The Limits of Your Infrastructure: How to Get The Most Out of Virtualization

In this white paper, learn how virtualization can enable organizations to create more agile IT services with greater resilience, availability and lower cost.

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Shut down Windows 8 right from the desktop

Greg Shultz has found a technique that will allow you to recreate a reasonable facsimile of the Shutdown pop-up menu on Windows 8's desktop. View on site

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The 12 networking truths applied to information security

Alfonso Barreiro relates the 12 networking truths to the information security field.

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