Monday, 28 May 2012

[TechRepublic] VMware: Why your datacentre needs to be as good as Google's

Data Center

TechRepublic Member | May 28, 2012

VMware: Why your datacentre needs to be as good as Google's

Enterprise IT departments need to up their datacentre efficiency and should look to search giant Google for inspiration. Read more

Resource of the day

Why Preventing Fragmentation Is Good for Your Budget

Anything that slows down data subtracts from your bottom line. Instead of using two-decades-old technology to defrag after the fact, why not use higher level technology from Diskeeper that prevents fragmentation before it can happen?

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Daryl Lucas explains how he rebooted his office PC into a different OS while tunneled into it through a VPN tunnel. Read more

Use Coaxion to access SharePoint and Dropbox from your iPhone

Coaxion from Moprise enables you to access SharePoint and Dropbox from your iPhone. Will Kelly shows you how. Read more

HDmobile: All the important standards rolled into one

Joshua Burke takes a look at HDmobile by TranSwitch, which is a complete mobility solution that converges standards to offer high definition video connectivity. Read more

On the road? My seven tips for keeping hackers at bay

Hackers aren't always miles away. They can be sitting next to you waiting for the chance to get into your device and onto your network. Read more

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Five Webmin modules to expand your admin reach

With the help of a few third-party Webmin modules, you can tap into tons of additional functionality. View on site

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Cooling strategies for high-density racks and blade servers (APC by Schneider Electric)

Free 30 Day Trial: Ericom Blaze RDP Acceleration & Compression (Ericom Software)

Free 30 Day Trial: HTML5 Client for Web Access to VMware View - Ericom AccessNow (Ericom Software)

24 Technical Considerations for a Defragmentation Solution (Condusiv Technologies)

The Best Ways to Migrate Lotus Notes Applications to SharePoint and Office 365 (Quest Software)

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Steve Ranger discusses why we need a modern-day successor to the classic eight-bit BBC Micro to inspire the next generation of programmers.

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