Thursday, 24 May 2012

[TechRepublic] Tools for better searching in Google Apps

Google in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | May 24, 2012

Three tools for better searching in Google Apps

There are at least three third-party add-on tools that provide better and faster searching for Google App users. Read more

Android browser showdown gallery

Resource of the day

Quick Tip: Add a graphical element to your Gmail signature

You can have a graphical element in your signature if you are using Google Enterprise Gmail, but you have to be in the correct view first. Read more

Poll Results: The success or failure of Google+ is still just a coin flip

In April we asked if Google+ was doomed to imminent failure. TechRepublic members think that result is still more or less a toss-up. Read more

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How to run legacy help files in Windows 7

Add legacy support for the older Windows Help format to Microsoft Windows 7. Read more

Create a custom checkbox in your Android app

When dealing with a checkbox in Android, a custom selector is assigned to the button property. This is important to know before following this Android tutorial. Read more

On the road? My seven tips for keeping hackers at bay

Hackers aren't always miles away. They can be sitting next to you waiting for the chance to get into your device and onto your network. Read more

Poll: Is Microsoft's an idea with a bright future?

Microsoft has stealthily released a nascent social network designed to be used by students as a collaborative learning tool. Read more

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Desktop wallpaper: Eclipses

Solar and lunar eclipses are some of the most fascinating astronomical events to take place and still be visible from the Earth's surface. View on site

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The 40 most important Google Apps keyboard shortcuts

Google and customer service: The odd couple, but it?s no joking matter

Stay productive on the go by accessing Gmail and Calendar on your mobile device

10 myths about Google Sites debunked and dispelled


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