Thursday, 24 May 2012

[TechRepublic] Facebook under fire, under water: Investor lawsuits

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TechRepublic Member | May 24, 2012

Facebook under fire, under water: Investor lawsuits

Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) stock closed at $32 today, but that's the least of its problems. It's now besieged with lawsuits and investigations around allegations that it did not disclose negative information about future earnings to investors before it went public on May 18. Read more

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Remote support for PCs, Macs and Smartphones

You need the ability to support users on today's most popular platforms -- including iPhones and iPads. LogMeIn Rescue can help. Test drive LogMeIn Rescue for free and start providing complete on-demand remote support to customers and colleagues.

How to run legacy help files in Windows 7

Add legacy support for the older Windows Help format to Microsoft Windows 7. Read more

Deliverables: reality and perception in client invoices

Trust, honesty, and openness with your client are especially important when invoicing for a project that require days or weeks of attention before reaching a milestone. Read more

Five Webmin modules that give you added power and control

One of the best things about Webmin is that it's infinitely extendable. Here are several modules that will broaden your admin capabilities. Read more

VMware: Why your datacentre needs to be as good as Google's

Enterprise IT departments need to up their datacentre efficiency and should look to search giant Google for inspiration Read more

Password Protection Act of 2012 filed

A new bill is filed to prevent employers from asking employees and job candidates for their passwords to social networking sites. Read more

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Reading online privacy policies cost us $781 billion per year

Michael Kassner interviews two privacy researchers who feel we are spending too much to understand privacy policies.

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