Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Forward calls and SMS on Android phones


TechRepublic Member | May 29, 2012

Easily forward calls and SMS on Android phones

Jack Wallen highlights two Android apps that allow you to easily forward calls and SMS -- Simple Call Forwarding and SMS Forwarding. Read more

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Download a Free Trial of Diskeeper 2011 EnterpriseServer

Discover the only solution specifically designed for your largest servers, the ones that must be kept online with volumes up to 20TB and millions of fragments. Achieve peak performance 24-7 with Diskeeper 2011 EnterpriseServer.

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Manage projects with Zoho Projects for iPhone

The Zoho Projects app brings access to Zoho Projects to your iPhone. Will Kelly shows us the basics on how to use it to track projects and collaborate with teams. Read more

Five things you should know before trying to fix a smartphone or tablet

Bill Detwiler shares essential advice for everyone who wants to repair a cracked iPad screen or broken smartphone. Read more

Highlight the minimum and maximum values for Excel subsets

Excel's MIN() and MAX() function work great, until you want to use them on a subset of data. Consider using this conditional formatting rule. Read more

Understanding cost-per-click and cost-per-action for mobile ads

Learn the main differences between mobile ad payment methods cost-per-click and cost-per-action to determine which one (or two) is right for you. Read more

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Memory lane: Palm xv and OmniSky Minstrel V — mobile email rocked my world

Few gadgets have touched my world as profoundly as the lowly Palm PDA and the cellular modem I used with it. Read more

10 essential apps for the iPhone

If you’re looking to get some good iPhone apps, start your search right here. Read more

Being more productive with mobile tech

Gadgets and the apps that run them have become so powerful it makes me more productive, all of the time. Read more

Consuming thoughts of a smartphone addict; do I accept or refuse delivery of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE?

I wish it was easier to make choices about smartphones and carriers, but it seems no one can get it done just perfectly for me so I hold many internal debates in my head as I try to figure out what is best for me. Read more

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Five password recovery tools to use in a pinch

When you've lost a critical password for a system you administer, one of these tools may save the day. View on site

Android browser showdown gallery

The menagerie of Android browsers go head-to-head in this review featuring Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and more. View on site

10 wild new patents: The future of tech?

USPTO has been granting lots of new patents, some with a surprisingly quick turnaround. Here are drawings of 10 noteworthy patents issued to top tech players last week. View on site

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Diskeeper 2011 Server Edition - Free Trial (Condusiv Technologies)

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Smarter Planet Leadership Series: Air Canada (IBM)


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