Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Top text editors, Windows troubleshooting gadgets, Outlook efficiency add-ins

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Five Apps

TechRepublic Member | September 13, 2011

Five free (or open source) text editors for developers

Even if you do most of your development work in an IDE, you're likely to need a good text editor for certain tasks. Read more

Resource of the day

Electrical Efficiency Modeling for Data Centers

When you're running a data center, power can become an issue. Read this white paper to learn about a new way of predicting power consumption. It'll help you plan your data center better and ensure you have the power to handle your servers.

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Five gadgets that automate Windows troubleshooting commands

Avoid the hassle of using Windows command-line tools by putting these handy gadgets to work. Read more

Five Linux backup tools that won't let you down

Whether you need a simple desktop backup tool or an enterprise-grade solution, Linux provides an assortment of viable choices. Read more

Five add-ins that make Outlook easier to use

If you can't do something in Outlook, chances are there's an add-in that can. Susan Harkins lists some handy add-ins that close a few feature gaps. Read more

Additional TechRepublic resources


Five UI tips for Web apps

Keep users top of mind when you're developing a Web app's UI. Justin James presents guidelines to follow that will make for a better user experience. Read more

10 things you can do to boost PC performance

Does your PC performance need a kick in the pants? These simple steps will help speed things up. Read more

Top three careers for the ethically challenged IT pro

While current employment stats for IT pros fluctuate, there's always a niche for those who are not burdened by a sense of ethics or decency. Read more

10 things you may be asked during a developer interview (and how to handle them)

These tips will help you clear some of the most common interview hurdles when you're trying to land a developer job. Read more

Refurbished Macs a smart choice for smart businesses

Erik Eckel recommends refurbished Macs as a smart move when you need to replace a few systems and save money at the same time. Read more

Featured multimedia


JibJab brings kids' ebooks to the iPad (images)

JibJab founders, best known for its songs of political satire, bring their skills for iPad-based ebooks where anyone can be the star. View on site

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Discover the Role of Isolation Transformers in Data Center UPS Systems (American Power Conversion (APC))

Remote support for PCs, Macs and Smartphones (LogMeIn)

Five Basic Steps for Efficient Space Organization within High Density Enclosures (American Power Conversion (APC))

Make IT a Revenue Driver with Data Center Infrastructure Management (American Power Conversion (APC))

Avoid these Mistakes that Compromise Cooling Performance (American Power Conversion (APC))

IT leadership often determines iPad success in the enterprise

Patrick Gray believes that the success of the iPad in your enterprise depends on the IT leadership's perspective of the device.

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