Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Easy ways to fix Excel formulas, supporting Millennials, a new direction for Five Tips

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Five Tips

TechRepublic Member | September 06, 2011

Five tips for troubleshooting formulas in Excel

If you're worksheet-challenged (or even if you aren't), finding and fixing formula problems can be a big headache. These tips will help ease the pain. Read more

Resource of the day

5 Steps to Telecom Transformation

This paper addresses 5 steps to increase business productivity through new technologies while continuing to diligently manage costs.

Hottest new tips


Five tips for bridging the gap between Millennials and IT

Self-reliant, tech savvy, connected: Millennials have different needs and expectations from previous generations. And that could make your job easier. Read more

Blog alchemy: Five Tips turns into Five Apps

The Five Tips blog is being reinvented. Here's a look at what's changing. Read more

Five tips for avoiding sloppy capitalization mistakes

Rules and preferences vary, but sometimes capital letters run amok. Here are a few guidelines for those who tend to get slap happy with the Shift key. Read more

Five tips for supporting multiple localizations

You can minimize the challenges of supporting different localizations by following a few practical guidelines. Read more

Additional TechRepublic resources


Five proven vendor-handling techniques

Scott Lowe shares some key items to keep in mind when working with vendors old, new, large, or small. Read more

Don't be fooled by these 10 PC performance myths

Much of what you hear about boosting PC performance is outdated -- and some of it was never true to begin with. Here's the real story. Read more

20 geekiest cities in the United States

The National Science Foundation released its list of America's Top 20 Geekiest Cities. See which city ranked number one based on the agency's taxonomy. Read more

10 ways tablets must improve to become fully accepted

The popularity of tablets is on the rise in both the consumer and business spheres. But some limitations continue to hold them back. Read more

Troubleshoot network issues with a handy Netsh diagnostic command

James Wright shows you a handy Netsh command that allows you to ping the Default Gateway, DHCP Servers, Host IP Address, DNS and WINS Servers (in Search Order) in one fell swoop. Read more

The complete list of Windows 7 Logo key shortcuts

The Windows 7 Logo key anchors a set of powerful and efficient keyboard shortcuts. This cheat sheet lists all the shortcuts and explains what they do. Read more

Featured multimedia


Samsung Galaxy Note (photos)

Among Samsung's IFA announcements was the Samsung Galaxy Note, a super-size smartphone or a small tablet, depending on how you look at it. Check out the photo gallery and decide for yourself. View on site

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Managing Data Risk in Your Backup and Restore Operations (IBM)

Best Practices and Applications of TLS/SSL (VeriSign)

IT For All Seasons (IBM)

Case Study: Business Continuity at CSX (IBM)

Better Security for Better Customers (VeriSign)

TechRepublic makes discussions faster and easier to navigate

Check out the new "Dynamic Navigation" feature that TechRepublic launched to improve the forums, and learn a few useful keyboard shortcuts.

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Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO, Tim Cook takes the reins

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Steve Jobs: 10 historic achievements

The Steve Jobs era is over: Reaction and a poll

Steve Jobs at Apple: A retrospective (gallery)

Steve Jobs retrospective (video)

Apple's Steve Jobs: In his own words (video)

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