Tuesday, 27 September 2011

[TechRepublic] Poll: How often do you debug without an IDE?

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Software Engineer

TechRepublic Member | September 27, 2011

Poll: How often do you debug without an IDE?

Developer Justin James admits he rarely uses a "real debugger." Let us know how often you debug without modern tools. Read more

Resource of the day

Creating the Hybrid Cloud: Fast Facts from Riverbed

Cloud computing gives you new choices for how to architect IT infrastructure that balances performance, availability, cost, and control. Learn how Riverbed can help you build a hybrid cloud environment that achieves these benefits and more.

Debug and interact with Web apps via Opera Dragonfly

Tony Patton provides an overview of Opera Dragonfly's features and explains why it replaced Firebug as his Web development tool of choice. Read more

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Poll: Have you downloaded and tried Windows 8 Developer Preview?

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10 ways Microsoft can make Windows 8 a game changer

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Five source control systems for distributed development teams

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Ways to build and mix content creation into your iOS app

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Tips for being a successful iOS developer

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Four out of ten most hated jobs are in IT? Can this be true? Read more

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DIY projects on display at Maker Faire NY 2011

Maker Faire in NY 2011 was held on September 17-18. Take a look at the DIY projects on display at this year's event. View on site

15 best free iPad games (screenshots)

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Making Boeing's 787 Dreamliners (photos)

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Why clean code is more important than efficient code

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Camera phone challenge: Seeing is believing

TechRepublic is bringing back the camera phone challenge! You have from now until Friday, Oct. 14, 2011 at 5:00 PM EDT to submit photos of things you might not believe if your camera phone didn't see them.

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