Tuesday, 6 September 2011

[TechRepublic] Static vs. dynamic languages

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TechRepublic Member | September 06, 2011

Static vs. dynamic languages: Why choose one over the other

A discussion with Chip Camden and Justin James about static and dynamic languages leads to talk of Haskell, refactoring, code contracts, and more. Read more

Resource of the day

Protect Your Data With The Cloud

You may see backups as a necessary inconvenience, but with a cloud-based backup solution that could all change. Read this white paper to learn how the cloud is changing the way people backup their data and how you can too.

Developer news roundup: Microsoft's HTML5 strategy with Internet Explorer

Justin James highlights the latest developer news, which includes stories about PHP 5.3.8, OAuth API, application connectivity challenges, and more. Read more

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10 programming habits that should be more common

Book learning will take you only so far. In the trenches, you need to develop sensible, effective habits like these. Read more

Technical challenges to use in hiring a programmer

What are some ways to measure a job candidate's technical acuity? Justin James gives some advice for those who are hiring programmers. Read more

How to use the new HTML5 Audio element

Ryan Boudreaux explains how to use the new HTML5 audio element in websites and includes examples of fallback options. Read more

Bite some bits from your bandwidth

Steve Dryall lists five ways that mobile developers can save bandwidth and time in their apps. Read more

Capture the flag: A tutorial on Android's Canvas class and Touch event handler

Android developer William Francis takes a break from writing business apps and shows how to code a simple electronic game of capture the flag. Read more

Eight ways to get more eyeballs on your app

With more than 425,000 apps in the App Store, your creation might get overlooked. Try implementing these methods for attracting more users to your app. Read more

Featured multimedia


Fans hear the Call of Duty in LA (photos)

The first Call of Duty XP convention filled several hangars in Los Angeles this weekend as thousands of gamers gathered to celebrate all aspects of the first-person shooter. View on site

IFA's electronic eye candy (photos)

The Berlin consumer electronics show is a huge affair, with hundreds of companies doing their best to attract businesspeople and customers to thousands of products. Here's a look at the show. View on site

Dancing with the tech stars

Can’t get enough of “Dancing with the Stars”? The stars on this dance floor are tech execs, and the dancing -- well, you’ll just have to imagine it. View on site

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO, Tim Cook takes the reins

Five ways Apple will never be the same without Jobs as CEO

Steve Jobs: 10 historic achievements

The Steve Jobs era is over: Reaction and a poll

Steve Jobs at Apple: A retrospective (gallery)

Steve Jobs retrospective (video)

Apple's Steve Jobs: In his own words (video)

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How IBM Can Help Your Business Be More Resilient (IBM)

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Social coding -- the next wave in development

Why programmers should study the art of programming

Form a learning plan for an HTML5 future

TechRepublic makes discussions faster and easier to navigate

Check out the new "Dynamic Navigation" feature that TechRepublic launched to improve the forums, and learn a few useful keyboard shortcuts.

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