Monday, 2 February 2015

Photos: Raspberry Pi 2; Google: Your next wireless carrier?; Profiles of two tech leaders

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How Google could end up as your next wireless carrier

Google might be adding "wireless carrier" to its list of business ventures. Here's what the move might mean for the company and how Google could pull it off.

Photos: A closer look at the Raspberry Pi 2

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Alaina Percival: Women Who Code CEO. Grassroots leader. Hiker.

Jenn Eldin: Director of Marketing at American Express Serve. Nighttime photographer. Future Paleo blogger.

Paralyzed driver exceeds 100 mph at Indy thanks to IoT technology

Research shows growing security concerns and budgets for 2015

A start to solving the enterprise data usage problem

Apple confident in the success of its upcoming Watch

Recycle that old Android device into a web-based security camera

Use Chartcube to analyze spreadsheet data on your iPad

Lua: Secure enterprise messaging for the mobile workforce

Pro tip: Transcribe text from images in Google Keep

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Cybersecurity in 2015: What to expect

Executive's guide to the next wave of security challenges (free ebook)

How IoT is changing enterprise security

Wearables open new avenues for security and privacy invasions

Cybersecurity spending: How to know when enough is enough

Balancing profits and customer privacy when monetizing big data and IoT

Anatomy of the Target data breach: Missed opportunities and lessons learned

Sys admins, data scientists, analysts: How attackers' sights have switched to the tech-savvy

6 tips for evaluating your cloud service provider

São Paulo technology workers get pay rise

HP's Whitman gets a $2M compensation raise for 2014, despite laying off thousands of employees

Microsoft's Windows 10 for IoT: What to expect

Tablet shipments post first yearly decline, Apple and Samsung slip: IDC

Google search share drops on Yahoo's gains, thanks to Firefox deal

Featured multimedia

10 kits for teaching yourself about computers

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