Monday, 24 September 2012

[TechRepublic] Developer's first Android app hits number two on Amazon

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TechRepublic Member | September 24, 2012

Indie developer hits number two on Amazon with his first Android app

Francisco Marzoa's first Android app, Luckiest Wheel, is a smash hit in the Amazon Appstore. He shares tips on getting your apps noticed in the market. Read more

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TechLines: Join Larry Dignan, NASA, Ford, IBM & T-Mobile LIVE In NYC

Drowning in big data? Join Larry Dignan, Editor-in-Chief of ZDNet, live in our studio audience as NASA, Ford, IBM and T-Mobile debate in "TechLines: Big Data Debunked - Finding The Data Signals", New York City on October 4, 2012.

Build it yourself iOS Twitter client Part 1

Learn how to use some common viewcontrollers and a third-party library in your custom Apple iOS application. Read more

Support multiple languages in Android apps

Learn how to prepare your Android app for localization so you can offer it in more than one language, which will hopefully increase your user base. Read more

Perfect your app with Xcode tools for iOS developers

Xcode includes a set of tools to help developers analyze, debug, and profile their app. Every developer should use them so their iOS app has the best chance of being accepted. Read more

Poll: Are the Windows 8/.NET 4.5 developer docs up to snuff?

If you looked at the Windows 8 or .NET 4.5 documentation, do find it accurate and complete? Justin James has not. Read more

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A nail in the HTML5 coffin?

What can an enterprise IT leader do when a social media titan publicly shuns the very tool that was supposed to make cross-platform mobile development possible? Patrick Gray explains. Read more

Recipe for disaster? Developers pressured into delivering vulnerable code

Software development teams are finding themselves unable to scale security practices to match the volume of code they are expected to produce. Read more

Is 'pair programming' in your future?

Some claim that sharing a desk and one computer with another programmer is the most efficient way to code. Read more

iPhone now as secure as BlackBerry, say tech chiefs

IT leaders and industry experts believe that Apple now roughly matches RIM on mobile security, removing BlackBerry's last remaining advantage over the iPhone in enterprise. Read more

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iOS 6 makes your iPhone easier to use (pictures)

The latest operating-system update for Apple's mobile devices has tons of feature tweaks and interface changes that make it easier to use than ever before. View on site

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IT departments warned: Evolve or die

Keeping the lights on is no longer enough: IT departments need to meet business demands or risk being demoted to a minor support role.

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