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iOS and Android update process compared


TechRepublic Member | September 21, 2012

iOS and Android update process compared

Like millions of device owners, yesterday I updated my iPhone to IOS 6. Coincidentally, my Nexus S 4G update to Jelly Bean rolled out and I updated it, too. Seeing the two platform updates side-by-side reinforces the reality of Android updates. Read more

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TechLines: Join Larry Dignan, NASA, Ford, IBM & T-Mobile LIVE In NYC

Drowning in big data? Join Larry Dignan, Editor-in-Chief of ZDNet, live in our studio audience as NASA, Ford, IBM and T-Mobile debate in "TechLines: Big Data Debunked - Finding The Data Signals", New York City on October 4, 2012.

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Fix the Samsung Galaxy S III Wi-Fi connection

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S III with poor Wi-Fi connectivity, you can perform a quick fix before an official update is released. Here's how. Read more

Apple iPhone 5 will fend off the pack - but for how long?

CIO Jury: Apple's latest handset is good enough to fight off the competition for the time being but the gap is narrowing, according to tech chiefs. Read more

iPhone 5 launch misses two key business wishes

Apple's big product launch last week didn't provide all the announcements that business users were hoping for, and it offered one that nobody particularly wanted in the Lightning Connector. Read more

Writing on the go: Google Drive for iOS and Android

On September 10, 2012, Google made it possible for mobile device users to edit Google documents from their mobile device - no PC needed. Read more

Review: Tether brings reliable cellular Internet to your PC

Tether stands out from the majority of other cell-phone Internet tethering applications because of its ease of use and convenience. Read more

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Windows Phone 8X by HTC: Full specs

HTC and Microsoft took the stage in NYC to unveil two new Windows Phone 8 smartphones. The colorful Windows Phone 8X is the flagship handset from HTC with two hi-res cameras and a bevy of colors for the fashion-conscious. Read more

Don't make me type: It's holding back the mobile experience

With typing a major culprit in bad user experiences, the day of keyboardless smartphone can't come soon enough. Read more

25 things to do with your free hand while using your iPhone 5

Apple made the iPhone 5 screen longer, but kept the same width and promoted the ability to still use the larger iPhone with one hand. Here are 25 suggestions for using your other hand while you have the iPhone 5 in one hand. Read more

Not happy with iOS 6 Maps, get Telenav's Scout Plus for free for a year

Apple rolled out a new Maps solution in iOS 6, but it doesn't seem as functional as the previous Google Maps. Telenav has a compelling map client and if you sign up soon you get a free year of premium services. Read more

HTC and Microsoft reveal new Windows Phone 8 products; the 8X and 8S

Samsung and Nokia have shown their Windows Phone 8 devices and today HTC and Microsoft showed off their upcoming products. Read more

What to do if you didn't buy an iPhone 5

Thousands are in line at Apple stores and carrier stores to buy a shiny new iPhone 5. Millions of others are anxiously awaiting the brown truck to bring their preordered iPhone 5 to their door. For those of us who aren't getting an iPhone 5 today, here are some activities to help pass the time. Read more

iPhone 5 teardown highlights

A teardown of Apple's new iPhone shows how the Cupertino giant manages to pack so much hardware into such a small space, and design it to draw as little power as possible. Read more

iPhone 5 16GB costs an estimated $207 to build

A 16GB iPhone 5 that Apple sells for $649 only costs the company an estimated $207 to manufacture. Apple also charges an incredible $100 premium for only $10 worth of NAND storage. Read more

HTC vs. Nokia Windows Phone 8 flap misses the point

The two companies have been dueling over which one has the real Windows Phone 8 device. Their time would be better spent figuring out how to survive against Android devices and Apple's iPhone 5. Read more

Motorola Mobility infringes Microsoft patents, German court rules

Microsoft has won a patent case against Google-owned Motorola Mobility after the phone maker was found by a German court to have infringed a soft-keyboard patent. Read more

Verizon: iPhone 5 may start its 3G farewell tour

"With the launch of the LTE iPhone, usage on 3G will start to decline, so we will be able to reappropriate that spectrum over 4G," said Verizon CFO Fran Shammo. Read more

Sprint CEO: 1 million LTE phones sold; "We're catching up"

As Sprint continues to push into the LTE market as it flicks 4G paint at the U.S. map on the wall, the firm's CEO acknowledges the network is behind others, but is "catching up." Read more

Samsung to add iPhone 5 to U.S. suit against Apple

Samsung is looking into whether the hot-off-the-line iPhone 5 has infringed the firm's patents, as the two companies continue their ongoing U.S. litigation. Read more

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iOS 6 makes your iPhone easier to use (pictures)

The latest operating-system update for Apple's mobile devices has tons of feature tweaks and interface changes that make it easier to use than ever before. View on site

Raspberry Pi and Beer: A match made in heaven

Bought a Raspberry Pi? Like beer? Then you have to check out this Pi-powered attempt to apply science to the dark art of brewing. View on site

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Apple iPhone 5 will fend off the pack, but for how long?

CIO Jury: Apple's latest handset is good enough to fight off the competition for the time being but the gap is narrowing, according to tech chiefs.

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