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Accessibility options for Android 4.0


TechRepublic Member | September 28, 2012

Android accessibility options for vision and hearing impaired

Jack Wallen highlights some of the accessibility options available in the Samsung Galaxy S III and other devices with Android 4.0. Read more

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Technology Report: Energy-Efficient Cooling for Data Centers

Beat the heat in your data center. Compare the efficiency benefits of row-based cooling with other common cooling architectures.

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Apple's iPhone 5: Have secrets and lies rendered it boring?

Critics of Apple's iPhone 5 say its predictability and lack of innovation are a big disappointment. But the cash registers are telling a different story. Read more

Can BlackBerry 10 be RIM's thumb-driven saviour?

RIM has pinned its hopes on BlackBerry 10 taking the number three position in mobiles, and more. Read more

Apple iOS 6 woes: Save the blobs if you need to downgrade

Gina Smith reports on the numerous issues some users are having with iOS 6, which may lead to the decision to downgrade to a more stable version. Bear in mind you can't do it without saving the SHSH blobs first. Here's how. Read more

Mobile ad formats for Android apps

Android developer Tim Mackenzie explains the differences between on-screen ads, intermittent content, and out-of-app ads, and discusses what to consider when selecting an ad format for your app. Read more

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Shared data plans -- changing gadget purchase habits

The rapid disappearance of unlimited data plans has not pleased anyone. These are being replaced by shared data plans that tie a bucket of data to an account, shared among multiple devices. These plans may change the way we buy gadgets, especially for BYOD situations. Read more

What to expect in the mobile space the rest of the year

No question 2012 has been an exciting one in the mobile space, and it is going to continue for the rest of the year. We will see a flood of unique tablets, and the phone space is going to heat up, too. Read more

iPhone 5/iOS 6 can stop advertisers tracking you - If you can find the off switch

Hate the idea that advertisers can track iOS device usage and leverage this data to serve targeted ads? You can do something about it - but only if you can navigate complex maze that the iOS 6 Settings app has become and find the off switch. Read more

Many Android owners plan exodus to the iPhone (survey)

A survey suggests that Android owners are 2.4 times more likely to switch to the iPhone than vice versa, which could mean that the iPhone 5 could encourage be big switch over to iOS. Read more

HP: Is a push into tablets, smartphones risky?

An analyst downgraded shares of HP based on a likely push into tablets and smartphones. However, HP has to push into the post-PC era regardless of the risks. Read more

Apple's iPhone 5: Where the supply chain begins

Key to Apple's success has been its diligence in putting together a strong supply chain to make sure products like the iPhone 5 come out perfect. Here's where it begins. Read more

RIM asks developers to keep loving BlackBerry. Do I say 'I do'?

It all comes down to where you want to spend your money: On an unproven platform that happens to be running late, or a platform that has actual customers? Read more

DRAM on each smartphone shipped expected to jump by 50% in 2012

The presence of DRAM chips on smartphones is getting bigger to meet the demands of faster processors and better displays. Read more

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Cracking Open the Apple iPhone 5

Bill Detwiler cracks open the iPhone 5 and shows you how the redesigned case and interior hardware layout make the device easier to disassemble and repair. View on site

Five web-based conferencing apps

In this edition of Five Apps, I take a look at five web-based conferencing apps which can be used without a full client-side installation, some of which have no installation at all. View on site

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Security engineering: A needed profession

We know what we want when it comes to our digital well-being. Policy makers know what they want. The problem is they're not close to being the same thing. Michael Kassner interviews two advocates who are trying to fix that.

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