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The stress-inducing smartphone


TechRepublic Member | August 28, 2012

The stress-inducing smartphone

A common sight in urban settings is harried folks hurrying to some unknown destination, face down, all attention focused on the smartphone in hand. It's also common to see small groups of people at lunch, each engrossed on the smartphone he/she is carefully tapping. Read more

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Access certification: Reducing risk with the right information and processes

Do you have a clear, 360-degree view of employee access across your business? Read this Quest Software white paper to learn how to tackle the challenges around information through access certification...

Posts from TechRepublic


How to use Yammer on your iPhone

Yammer, the enterprise social network, has a capable iPhone app that can help mobile users stay in touch with their coworkers. Will Kelly demonstrates the basics of the Yammer iOS app. Read more

Windows Phone 7: binding custom ListBox data

To make useful Windows Phone apps, one must master how to add data into ListBoxes. Read more

The sitting duck that is open source

A jury irresponsibly awarded a huge victory to Apple over Samsung. This judgement could have a serious impact on not only the landscape of smartphones, but the whole of open source. Read more

Four Android development platforms that will change your life

If you're ready to branch out into Android and build amazing apps, these platforms turn app development will save you hours of work. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


Must smartphones be similar to iPhone to sell?

The landmark Samsung/ Apple verdict made it clear that phone makers must give wide berth to the design of the iPhone to avoid legal trouble. That's easy enough to do, but will it sell? Read more

Siri stumped? Call Watson

Compared to Apple's Siri, IBM's Watson is a speech recognition genius. But the tech is too big and powerful to cram into a mobile device. That's about to change. Read more

AnandTech: No NFC in iPhone 5

AnandTech and The Loop's Jim Dalrymple claim that the iPhone 5 will not ship with Near Field Communications (NFC) hardware. If true this would give Android (and Windows Phone) a boost and severely hobble PassBook. Read more

Samsung's new Music Hub available on Galaxy S III, combines streaming with storage locker

Samsung is focused on improving the media experience on their Galaxy S III and the new Music Hub service provides 19+ million songs for your listening pleasure, in addition to the ability to upload your unmatched personal music. Read more

What Apple should copy from the Samsung Galaxy SIII

Apple can learn a lot from Samsung's latest hotness. Design matters and Apple needs to stop recycling the same tired iPhone form factor. Three years is simply too long. Although it has its flaws, the Samsung Galaxy SIII is the Android phone to have. Until the next one comes out. Read more

Boat Beacon for Android helps you track boats and avoid collisions at sea

Smartphones are essentially pocket computers and with apps like Boat Beacon you can really see the power of the iOS and Android platforms. Boat Beacon uses AIS to track boats and help you avoid collisions. Read more

Can we please stop shooting at people, locking down schools, and chasing suspects for a stupid phone?

As a smartphone enthusiast, I spend a LOT of money on phones, but understand it isn't worth risking a life just to recover a $500 to $800 phone. Should police pursue suspects actively to recover a stolen iPhone? Read more

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8 Samsung phones Apple wants banned (pictures)

Apple has laid out which devices it wants banned from sale in the U.S. following its win in court last week. Here they are, with damages and the patents involved. View on site

Top evidence in Apple v. Samsung according to juror (pictures)

Review some of the evidence and other trial highlights that stuck out in the minds of the Apple v. Samsung jury. View on site

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