Thursday, 30 August 2012

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TechRepublic Member | August 30, 2012

Agile strategic planning and innovation at Pandora

Internet radio service Pandora's CTO and VP Tom Conrad describes how the company's agile strategic planning process diverged from the traditional, annual, all-hands product planning session. Read more

Resource of the day

What is the value of a smarter datacenter?

The performance and availability of your storage handling can either enhance or hamper your business processes, but there are many challenges to simplifying that infrastructure...

Why businesses shouldn't trust Apple's cloud services

Erik Eckel explains why iCloud is not a business-grade solution for certain critical functions. Here is what he recommends instead. Read more

CIOs predict the death of the PC and the desk phone

Mobile working means we will soon be bidding farewell to some of the staples of business tech. Read more

Infographic: 2012 Salary and Skills report

Is your salary average for your geographic area and area of expertise? Check out this graphic form of the TechRepublic and Global Knowledge IT Salary and Skills report. Read more

Use Consolidate to summarize Excel data without sorting

There are a number of ways to summarize Excel data, but Consolidate is one of the easiest to implement and the results are easy to use. Read more

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IP theft in high tech--A way of life?

In light of the Apple/Samsung ruling, what, if anything, should companies do about their theft of their intellectual property? Read more

Featured multimedia


Desktop Wallpaper: Mars as seen by Curiosity

In August 2012, NASA successfully landed a vehicle named Curiosity on the surface of Mars. The first images are starting to roll in to the NASA site and some of them make for some interesting otherworldly desktop wallpaper. View on site

Today's recommended downloads

On-demand Webcast: Get from Wow to How with mobile workstyles and cloud services (Citrix Systems, Inc)

Solutions for Today's Smart Business (IBM)

Guide to Improving First-Time IT Certification Pass Rates (SkillSoft)

Strategies for Assessing Cloud Security (IBM)

The Smarter Railroad: An Opportunity for the Railroad Industry (IBM)

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Is the death knell sounding for traditional antivirus?

Antivirus developers need to run malcode in their labs in order to create malware-identifying signatures. What happens if they can't?

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