Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Does anyone want 2014?

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TechRepublic Member | August 29, 2012

Editor's note
This has not been a good week for conferences in Australia. SAGE-AU has canned its annual conference for this year after the resignation of its executive officer and is on the hunt for a home in 2014 after receiving no official bids for the event. Linux Australia has left the bidding for 2014 open for another three weeks, and is also exploring the possibility of a geographically dispersed management team. Yesterday saw the release of new versions of Firefox and Thunderbird, and WordPress made the web a little bit better with a new default theme. From across the ditch came the announcement of an amendment to New Zealand's patent law which would place a ban on patenting software unless the software is embedded within another invention. Here's hoping that the next week is a little bit brighter. --Chris

Does anyone want 2014?

The venue for LCA 2014 is currently unknown, as no official bids have been made. Read more

Resource of the day

HP Advanced Data Center Network Architecture

In this white paper, you'll see and hear more about HP's re-imagining of the data center. What will tomorrow's data center look like? And how will it manage the colossal data demands placed on it? Keep reading to learn more.

WordPress Twenty Twelve, NZ patent loophole, Thunderbird gets chat

New software, new laws and new themes are the order of the day. Read more

Windows Phone 7: binding custom ListBox data

To make useful Windows Phone apps, one must master how to add data into ListBoxes. Read more

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Five fast Windows desktop search utilities

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Infographic: 2012 Salary and Skills report

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NASA's Webb telescope to see 13 billion light years away (pictures)

Hubble's successor, the next generation infrared-optimized James Webb Space Telescope is set to launch in 2018. View on site

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Is the death knell sounding for traditional antivirus?

Antivirus developers need to run malcode in their labs in order to create malware-identifying signatures. What happens if they can't?

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