Friday, 25 November 2016

2016 holiday gift guide for techies

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Photos: 2016 holiday gift guide for techies

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Survey: Is your company moving the data center to the cloud?

We'd like to hear why your company has (or hasn't) made the switch to IaaS, what systems your company is moving to the cloud, and how IT staff and data centers are affected by the change. This survey takes less than 10 minutes, and you can enter your email address to receive a free copy of the resulting research report.

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Live Webcast: 10 Measurements that Make Data Actionable

When measuring something new, the hardest question is often the first one: What is the most informative and helpful way to measure this? In this webinar, we'll revisit the basics of "ways to measure things" and discover a practical methodology for identifying informative and actionable metrics. We'll discuss ways things can go wrong, and how improved communication, collaboration, and open feedback between analysts and end-users help prevent setbacks. We'll also explore the specifics of some of the most helpful analyses. Register now!

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Governments and nation states are now officially training for cyberwarfare: An inside look (PDF download)

Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, and others are now running training exercises to prepare for the outbreak of cyberwar. Locked Shields is the largest simulation and TechRepublic takes you inside.

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Gallery: 10 bad tech gifts to avoid giving this holiday season

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A quick guide to SSL/TLS certificates


Live Webcast: 10 Measurements that Make Data Actionable


Cut VMware & Hyper-V Troubleshooting by 59%*


IT and Business Professionals Say Website Attacks are Persistent and Varied


Symantec: Using Always-on SSL/TLS to Maximize Web Security and Enhance the End-user Experience


A special feature from ZDNet and TechRepublic

How to automate the enterprise

One of today's biggest opportunities for IT to make an impact is by automating business processes, manufacturing, repetitive tasks, and more. We delve into examples and best practices.

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