Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Excel sorting techniques: The basics and beyond

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Master sorting basics in Excel

Learning Excel's sort basics gives you a firm foundation for implementing more complex sorting tasks.

Screenshots: Five easy-to-use IP traffic monitors

Augmented workers: 3 ways tech is augmenting the ways we get things done

4 things mobile users should anticipate in SharePoint 2016

Five Windows 10 privacy settings that have been falsely vilified

Posts from ZDNet

Hootsuite integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office 365

Future Visions, book review: Tales from the research lab

Microsoft updates Privacy Statement, addressing concerns from critics

Featured multimedia

Photos: An inside look at Gogo's new office and its flying test lab, Jimmy Ray

Today's recommended downloads

IDC "Capturing the $1.6 Trillion Data Dividend"


Dev-test starts with IT


Enterprise Mobility Resources


Network Bandwidth Performance and Traffic Patterns Tool

(Solarwinds APAC)

Wireless Heat Maps ? Find & Fix Dead Zones

(Solarwinds APAC)

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A Special Feature from TechRepublic and ZDNet

How to make IT more agile

Business executives are increasingly moving to an IT environment that is no longer focused on big, long projects but shorter, more sustainable efforts to drive change and innovation. Here are the pros and cons, and how to make it happen.

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