Saturday, 8 October 2016

Gallery: 10 self-flying auto-follow drones

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Gallery: 10 self-flying auto-follow drones to take on your weekend adventures

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Is your company using SaaS? Tell us, and enter to win $100

Do you think SaaS can help your company reach financial and business objectives? Tell us, and enter to win $100.

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Video: Why enterprise security isn't ready for AI...yet

Carson Sweet, CTO of CloudPassage, spoke with TechRepublic about why he believes AI is just the latest 'shiny object' in security, and isn't fully ready for the enterprise.

Video: Smart street lights and beacons from OSRAM

OSRAM has created a new smart street light that includes beacons. Retailers in an area can send use the beacons to send coupons to someone if they're in the proximity of their business.

Video: Do men and women have different brain structures?

Texas Christian University neuroscience professor Diane Snow examines the true differences between how men and women think.

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