Thursday, 22 September 2016

8 reasons why professionals should get the iPhone 7

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8 reasons why professionals should get the iPhone 7

Is the new iPhone just hype, or worth the bother? Find out the top eight reasons why you should consider upgrading to the iPhone 7, and one reason why you shouldn't.

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Featured Webcast

Webinar: Office 365 business-driven provisioning deep dive

As we approach the fifth anniversary of the release of Office 365, many of the "easy" Office 365 migrations are done. Customers that are migrating to Office 365 now have much more complex requirements. Modern companies have to work around unique user access and governance challenges that may involve their employees, customers, partners and providers.

In this deep dive, you'll learn how you can solve some of these problems, save time, save money, and reduce stress. You'll see how you can configure SSO for Office 365 in minutes, enforce modern authentication factors for Office 365, and automatically assign service-level licenses in Office 365.

CBS Interactive is proud to present "Office 365 business-driven provisioning deep dive," a live, interactive webcast that can help manage these unique challenges and provide seamless access across your user populations.

  • Learn how to take complex identity management requirements and make them manageable
  • Explore the limitations of the legacy tools Microsoft gives away
  • Discover how you can remove identity barriers from your Office 365 migration
Don't miss "Office 365 business-driven provisioning deep dive." Join migration experts from Okta, Anat Shiwak and Marc Jordan, along with CBS Interactive Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz in a lively discussion about how you can build a foundation from which to launch your organization's future cloud strategy.

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Live Webcast: Office 365 business-driven provisioning deep dive


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A special feature from ZDNet & TechRepublic

Cyberwar and the Future of Cybersecurity

Today's security threats have expanded in their scope and seriousness. There can now be millions -- or even billions -- of dollars at risk when information security isn't handled properly. And beyond that, cybersecurity will define many of the international conflicts of the future.

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