Monday, 24 August 2015

Eight advanced tips for Word headers and footers

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Sonja Thompson

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Eight advanced tips for Word headers and footers

Susan Harkins shares tips for pushing the header and footer envelope.

4 reasons cybersecurity now requires an analytics-driven strategy

Take a look at Windows 10's New Command Prompt features

Yes: Healthcare can balance mobility and BYOD with HIPAA compliance

Windows 10 updates potentially costing users on data-capped internet plans

Pro tip: How to personalize Windows 10

Windows 10: Microsoft readies tech to help Universal Windows apps shine

With Microsoft Sway, your next presentation doesn't have to suck

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Before Google Now on Tap, Microsoft opens public beta of Cortana for Android

Microsoft rolls out first public preview of SharePoint Server 2016

Whatever happened to Microsoft's Windows Update for Business?

Microsoft's Windows 95 launched 20 years ago today

Outlook on iOS update makes it easier to open, share and edit Office docs on the fly

Microsoft ups ante in InterDigital patent fight with fresh antitrust suit

Microsoft to enable developers to integrate Bing search data directly into their apps

BitTorrent tracker blocks Windows 10 users

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Merging man and machine: The exoskeleton-powered droid that can punch through walls

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