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[TechRepublic] Verizon's HopeLine funds scholarship program


TechRepublic Member | April 26, 2012

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Verizon's HopeLine funds scholarship program for abused women

Brandy Courtade discusses the Verizon Wireless Women's Empowerment Scholarship and encourages techies to take part in creating change. Read more

Resource of the day

Why LotusLive Won Out for One Translation Agency

Learn how global translation agency aatranslations made its processes more efficient and improved collaboration with customers and translators to change the way they do business. Discover why they chose LotusLive over the competition.

Connect your iPhone to Microsoft Office 365

Office 365, the cloud-based collaboration platform from Microsoft, can actually be iPhone-friendly. Will Kelly shows you how to connect your iPhone to Office 365. Read more

Touch screen, app addiction, and Angry Birds elbow

If you play too many games on your smartphone or tablet touch screens, will you get Angry Birds elbow? Read more

Posts from TechRepublic


TaintDroid: Warns about Android apps leaking sensitive data

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to determine what personal data is leaking from your smartphone. Michael Kassner interviews members of a research team that want to change that. Read more

Nokia achieved Lumia 900's $209 bill of materials with single-core processor, low RAM

Windows Phone 7.5 and low hardware costs help Nokia hit aggressive $99 price point for Lumia 900. Read more

Could Linux still usurp Windows Phone as Nokia's saviour?

Once-dominant Nokia faces an uphill slog to win back ground from the iPhone and Android, yet hope for a change of fortune may lie in an unexpected quarter. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


Google selling Galaxy Nexus unlocked: Motorola phones next?

Now that Google is back in the phone retail business, could selling Motorola phones be far behind? Read more

Location-based services I’d like to see on my smartphone and tablet

It’s time to see our phones leveraged to make our lives easier. That could be as simple as announcing your presence to businesses when you arrive. Read more

HTC Frequencies; discovering the other 90% of the iceberg

HTC held an event last week to hold open and honest conversations with mobile enthusiasts from around the world. The discussions were engaging and extremely educational. Read more

Skype for Windows Phone is basically useless

You cannot accept any incoming calls unless the Skype app is open and active on your phone, unlike the way Skype works on all other mobile platforms. Read more

HTC beats Nokia in the camera game with the Titan II (review & gallery)

The Nokia Lumia 900 seems to be getting all the attention, but HTC also launched their new Titan II and after using both I personally prefer the HTC Titan II. Read more

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Cracking Open the HTC Titan II

Bill Detwiler cracks open the HTC Titan II. Inside the Windows Phone 7.5 handset, he found hardware from Qualcomm, Samsung, Broadcom and others. View on site

Five apps for getting rid of aggravating crapware

Get rid of that unwelcome crapware by running one of these safe, easy-to-use tools. View on site

Five online tools for generating polls and surveys

Gathering feedback and gauging public interest or sentiment has never been easier. Here are several good tools designed for the task. View on site

Five apps that make it easy to capture audio notes

Tired of manually taking notes? Here are some convenient audio note-taking alternatives. View on site

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