Tuesday, 24 April 2012

[TechRepublic] TaintDroid checks Android apps leaking sensitive data

IT Security

TechRepublic Member | April 24, 2012

TaintDroid: Warns about Android apps leaking sensitive data

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to determine what personal data is leaking from your smartphone. Michael Kassner interviews members of a research team that want to change that. Read more

Resource of the day

Investing in A Cloud-Based Back-End

Check out this white paper to learn about the tools you'll need to switch to a cloud-based back-end.

2012 Sophos security report: The threat landscape

Patrick Lambert breaks down the threat types that the Sophos 2012 security report identified in their annual survey. What's still around and what threats are on the rise? Read more

Government task force seeks to eradicate insider threats: Practical recommendations

Is the President's new task force, launched last fall, really going to deal with the insidious role of the insider threat? Paul Kenyon, Avecto COO, recommends some security industry best practices. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


New Flashback variant silently infects Macs

A new Flashback Trojan has been discovered that infects Macs without prompting the user for a password. If you haven’t updated Java on your Mac, or disabled it entirely, you could be a victim. Read more

Google quintuples maximum bug bounty to $20,000

Google is more than quintupling the top bounty it will pay for information on security holes in its products to $20,000. Other, less-important, bounties are, however, being decreased. Read more

Anonymous hacks Formula 1

Anonymous has hacked and executed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against official and fan-created Formula 1 websites. The group is protesting the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain. Read more

Anonymous claims Pastebin censorship, creates alternative

The hacktivist group Anonymous has gotten so pissed off at Pastebin and its “censorship” plans that it has created its own alternative: AnonPaste. It’s currently in alpha though, so don’t expect much. Read more

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Five apps for getting rid of aggravating crapware

Get rid of that unwelcome crapware by running one of these safe, easy-to-use tools. View on site

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EMA: Data Driven Security (EMC Corporation)

S4 Matrix: Managing at a Higher Level (Hewlett-Packard (HP))

Investing in A Cloud-Based Back-End (Hewlett-Packard (HP))

Virtualization Changes Everything: Enter the vWOC (Silver Peak Systems, Inc.)

Does Your Cloud Storage Strategy Measure Up? (Oracle)


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