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[TechRepublic] Most stressful aspects of breaking in to full-time consulting

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TechRepublic Member | April 30, 2012

The most stressful elements of breaking in to full-time consulting

When you became an independent consultant, was the most stressful part finding enough business to stay afloat, the feast or famine syndrome, or something else? Read more

Resource of the day

Video: Panasonic Chooses Collaboration

When Panasonic went looking for a system of collaboration tools, they turned to a partner that they knew they could rely on for quality products and support. Check out this video to see who they chose, and why.

Post-close requests from clients: When is enough too much?

Read advice on how many hours you should eat on clients' post-final invoice tasks, and how to avoid these requests in the first place. Read more

Reduce injury risks and gain efficiencies with ServerLIFT devices

If your large consultancy can justify the cost, an IT equipment lift such as ones from ServerLIFT offers a number of benefits. Read more

Download TechRepublic Pro's Data Backup Policy to avoid data loss

TechRepublic Pro's customizable Data Backup Policy will help your organization determine what needs backing up and specify where to find that information. Read more

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Keep your IT consultancy running smoothly with MyIT CRM

If you're looking for a solid CRM tool to handle the business end of your IT consultancy, Jack Wallen recommends giving the open source MyIT CRM a try. Read more

2012 Sophos security report: The threat landscape

Patrick Lambert breaks down the threat types that the Sophos 2012 security report identified in their annual survey. What's still around and what threats are on the rise? Read more

Big Data challenges and how the cloud can help

Thoran Rodrigues explains the evolution of Big Data processing, highlights the challenges, and considers how the cloud can contribute to the Big Data boom. Read more

10 features Ubuntu 12.04 will bring to the table

The improvements just keep on coming for Ubuntu. Jack Wallen runs down some of the more notable changes. Read more

Reducing the risk of contracting malware on Macs

Wil Limoges offers best practices for Mac users to reduce their exposure to malware like the Flashback trojan that has been taking its toll on the unwary. Read more

Review: Universal Extractor

If you need a single tool to extract every single imaginable archive out there, Universal Extractor has it covered. Read more

Taking notes on the iPad: Philosophy, function, and apps

Find out why and how Patrick Gray uses his iPad as an electronic notepad, including some of his preferred note-taking applications. Read more

10 tips for using OneNote to keep your good ideas from getting away

OneNote makes it easy to preserve, organize, and retrieve ideas and info you might otherwise forget or lost track of. These basic pointers will get you started. Read more

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Slideshow: Burn discs in a backwards compatible format

Greg Shultz shows you how to find and use the Master optical disc format in Windows 7 to make discs readable by legacy systems. View on site

Five uninstallers to degunk your computer

Uninstalling programs often leaves a mess behind. These tools will make sure all traces are removed. View on site

Five apps for getting rid of aggravating crapware

Get rid of that unwelcome crapware by running one of these safe, easy-to-use tools. View on site

Five apps that make it easy to capture audio notes

Tired of manually taking notes? Here are some convenient audio note-taking alternatives. View on site

Raspberry Pi unboxing

A close-up look at one of the most anticipated computers of 2012, the $40 Raspberry Pi. View on site

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An independent IT consultant's code of ethics

Big trouble for little white IT consulting lies

What to do when you get in over your head

Own up to your IT consultancy's mistakes

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