Wednesday, 25 April 2012

[TechRepublic] Linux Australia considers name change

TechRepublic Australia Wrapper

TechRepublic Member | April 25, 2012

Editor's note
Welcome back to Wrapper for another week. We began the week with intense pondering from Linux Australia members on whether to rename the organisation to encompass the wider open-source ecosystem. But this ongoing discussion was drowned out yesterday by the announcement of Google Drive, and suddenly the internet has gone cloud-storage crazy. On Tuesday, Microsoft cheekily announced that SkyDrive would be available on all current Windows and Apple platforms. SkyDrive is offering 7GB for new accounts, but existing users should be able to reserve 25GB of storage -- that's five times the amount that Google is offering. -- Chris

Linux Australia considers name change

Australia's leading Linux organisation is mulling over a name that encompasses the broader open-source community. Read more

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Claim 25GB from Microsoft on updated SkyDrive

Microsoft has updated SkyDrive to support Windows desktops, OS X and iPad -- but at the same time has revised the storage limit from 25GB to 7GB, unless you claim to reserve the existing 25GB limit. Read more

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