Thursday, 26 April 2012

[TechRepublic] IT admins: Stressed, sick and looking for a new career?

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TechRepublic Member | April 26, 2012

IT admins: Stressed, sick and looking for a new career?

A survey paints a depressing view of life as an IT administrator. Read more

Raspberry Pi unboxing

Resource of the day

10 coolest uses for the Raspberry Pi

As the $40 Raspberry Pi computer ships we round up the 10 projects to try on your new Pi. Read more

How the BYOD flood is sweeping away the IT department's priorities

The explosion in consumer devices is making CIOs rethink their plans for IT. Read more

Could Linux still usurp Windows Phone as Nokia's saviour?

Once-dominant Nokia faces an uphill slog to win back ground from the iPhone and Android, yet hope for a change of fortune may lie in an unexpected quarter. Read more

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Cloud computing: Five reasons why it won't face a backlash

Even the inexorable rise of outsourcing met with resistance, but IT experts seem to think cloud computing will escape a similar negative reaction. Read more

Barclaycard's PayTag 'upgrades' your phone for contactless payments

Credit card company hopes a sticky mini-credit card could boost the adoption of contactless payments Read more

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Five apps that make it easy to capture audio notes

Tired of manually taking notes? Here are some convenient audio note-taking alternatives. View on site

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