Monday, 30 April 2012

[TechRepublic] An introduction to Android broadcast receivers

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TechRepublic Member | April 30, 2012

An Android coder's introduction to broadcast receivers

Android's version of a party line is its BroadcastReceiver class. This demo shows how to create, register, and use a broadcast receiver to listen for device orientation changes. Read more

Resource of the day

Case Study: Signature Mortgage and Electronic Paperwork

In the mortgage industry, the paperwork can seem endless. With this in mind, a mortgage company saw an opportunity to cut costs while offering their customers more convenience. Read this white paper to learn more about how they did it.

Using the WP7 progress bar objects

Justin James looks at the methods and properties of Windows Phone 7 progress bar controls, and explores how to use the objects. Read more

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Fixing up ICS on Samsung Galaxy S II

Australia's biggest telco released its Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Galaxy S II, but it comes out backwards and ugly. We can fix that. Read more

Focus on iPad development instead of Windows 8 for now

After studying the details about Windows 8 versions, Justin James encourages software developers to look at iPad development first. Read more

Could Linux still usurp Windows Phone as Nokia's saviour?

Once-dominant Nokia faces an uphill slog to win back ground from the iPhone and Android, yet hope for a change of fortune may lie in an unexpected quarter. Read more

Touch screen, app addiction, and Angry Birds elbow

If you play too many games on your smartphone or tablet touch screens, will you get Angry Birds elbow? Read more

Seven-inch iPad: How far is Cook's finger from the launch button?

Despite the late Steve Jobs' antipathy to smaller tablets, his successor at Apple might just take a different view. Read more

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Android strategy on display in Oracle v. Google showdown (images)

Google's lawyers show projections for Android dominating the mobile, music, and ad markets in slides presented to the court this week during the Oracle v. Google IP trial. View on site

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