Monday, 23 April 2012

[TechRepublic] The fine line between persistence and stagnation

IT Consultant

TechRepublic Member | April 23, 2012

The fine line between persistence and stagnation in IT consulting

Ask yourself these five questions to determine whether you're persisting in progress or stagnating in your IT consulting career. Read more

Resource of the day

S5 Matrix: Building the Enterprise Cloud

Read this white paper to learn how you can get a new IT infrastructure from an out-of-the-box platform for cloud computing and other IT services. Keep reading to learn more.

Five cloud-based PM tools to suit a wide range of projects

Learn about Zoho Projects, Planbox, ProWorkflow, Basecamp, and Milestone Planner to determine if one of the project management tools might be the right fit for your client. Read more

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Microsoft details Windows 8 editions

Redmond's upcoming OS will come in standard Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT, and Windows 8 Enterprise flavours. Read more

Review: Firefox's unofficial 64-bit variant Waterfox

The Waterfox project attempts to take advantage of 64-bit processing power for web browsing. Matt Nawrocki uncovers a problem with that premise. Read more

10 tools TR members consider essential

We recently asked the question "What's the one tool you can't live without?" Here's a roundup of some of your responses -- which took an interesting turn. Read more

Download this guide to common Microsoft software versions (4th update)

Scott Lowe updated his downloadable Excel table that lists numerous versions of Windows, SQL Server, Exchange, System Center Configuration Manager, System Center Data Protection Manager, and System Center Operations Manager. Read more

Looking at the 2012 IT Priorities report from the perspective of the cloud

Thoran Rodrigues shares his observations on the 2012 IT Priorities report, which highlights emerging tech trends. How does the cloud address both the priorities and concerns of IT pros? Read more

Should SMBs upgrade to Windows 8?

Every small business OS-upgrade choice as a cost/benefit ratio. Calculate the cost, calculate the benefit, and divide. Here's a look at the variables you should consider. Read more

10 things the new Microsoft Open Technologies initiative needs to do

Can Microsoft Open Technologies forge a successful relationship with the open source community? Jack Wallen thinks so -- if it takes the right steps. Read more

New TR Pro product can help your IT career

Looking for a lot of IT career advice in one publication? Check out TR Pro's 500 Things You Need to Know to Succeed in Your IT Career: Volume 2. Read more

Featured multimedia


Five great apps to handle emergency recoveries

With this combination of apps in your toolkit, you should be able to tackle just about any software crisis you encounter in the field. View on site

Five MySQL database management tools

If you're looking for a convenient way to manage your MySQL databases, one of these tools might be just what you need. View on site

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Compliance Through RSA Security Management (EMC Corporation)

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Does Your Cloud Storage Strategy Measure Up? (Oracle)

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An independent IT consultant's code of ethics

Big trouble for little white IT consulting lies

What to do when you get in over your head

Own up to your IT consultancy's mistakes

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