Monday, 30 April 2012

[TechRepublic] Big Data challenges and how the cloud can help

The Enterprise Cloud

TechRepublic Member | April 30, 2012

Big Data challenges and how the cloud can help

Thoran Rodrigues explains the evolution of Big Data processing, highlights the challenges, and considers how the cloud can contribute to the Big Data boom. Read more

Resource of the day

Pillar Axiom 600: System Overview and Architecture

Check out this white paper to learn about a storage system that makes performance a priority. You'll be able to store more while lowering complexity.

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2012 AWS Cloud Summit: An intro to Amazon's cloud tech for businesses

Nick Hardiman attended the 2012 AWS Summit in London and shares his impressions of the event and what he learned about Amazon's cloud technology. Also, there was free beer. Read more

Stress-testing a web service: The basics

Nick Hardiman describes his preparations to stress-test his simple Drupal-based web service built on an Amazon EC2 machine. Read more

My first Windows 8 application: Performance problems

Justin James discusses the trials and tribulations of week three of his Windows 8 Metro/WinRT application development project. Read more

Five online tools that simplify HTML5 coding

HTML5 is revolutionizing website and web application development. Developers can benefit immensely from online tools that enhance and simplify coding in HTML5. Read more

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Android strategy on display in Oracle v. Google showdown (images)

Google's lawyers show projections for Android dominating the mobile, music, and ad markets in slides presented to the court this week during the Oracle v. Google IP trial. View on site

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Why LotusLive Won Out for One Translation Agency (IBM)

Case Study: Signature Mortgage and Electronic Paperwork (IBM)

Business Execution: Executive Buyer's Guide (SuccessFactors)

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